Bereksistensi Dalam Transendensi Menurut Pemikiran Karl Jaspers

  • Joko Siswanto, dkk Fakultas Ilmu Filsafat, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta


Abstract: Karl Jaspers, like other existentialists, thinks about the problem of human existence. Jaspers speciality lies at the point of focus. The orientation of Jaspers thought is not of the existence structure, but how to reach it. According to Jaspers, human beings have no power to exist. The existence can only be achieved in relation with Transcendence. From this point of faith, Jaspers constructs this existential metaphysical thought, how human being in concrete situation can reach Transcendence. This thought takes Jaspers at chipher exploration as a medium toward Transcendence. Transcendence evelates into chipher so that to achieve it, human being must be in and out through chipher. Jaspers metaphysical way is to read and interpreted chipher. The reading will bring human beings to mystic revelation existence, and interpretation of chipher will result in enlightenment to live a life authentically. The determination to follow the enlightenment of Transcendence becomes the outset of existence. Jaspers existential metaphysical thought can contribute to plural community at the modern era which tends to be confusing with situation and limited in the pattern of rational and technological thought.


Keywords: Existence, Transcendence, metaphysics, chiffer, long way revelation.